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Ricoh Enhances Their IT Services Portfolio to Meet Businesses Needs

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Ricoh Europe has just announced that they have enhanced their IT Services portfolio to provide a more individual and tailored service, internationally, for all business customers whether they are a small, medium or large organisation, across EMEA.

Ricoh’s IT Services suite is made up of three distinct offerings: remote, cloud-based and on-premise services that are able to support customer operations across a range of countries.  Businesses are also able to access Ricoh’s full technology portfolio including communication, projection and printing tools.

For the larger organisation, Ricoh’s Integrated IT Lifecycle Services is able to offer customised core IT infrastructure provision and support services that have been designed and developed to help in-house IT teams focus on strategic objectives.  For small and medium-sized organisations, Ricoh offer their Power Office and Pay-Per-Seat solutions which are able to delivery configurable and standardised IT equipment, software support packages.

Ricoh’s range of IT services can be expanded to include document outsourcing, management document services, production printing and Ricoh-hosted cloud computing services, and companies benefit from a single point of contact.

Executive Vice President of Ricoh Europe, Carsten Bruhn, said: “With more technology-led change on the way and European businesses taking greater strides towards digital transformation, the need for more advanced and robust IT services is essential.  Our enhanced IT Services suite will allow leaders of large and small businesses to entrust the support for their networked device, imaging and communications infrastructure to Ricoh.  Then, at the same time, they can focus on their core business activities and adapting for the future.”

By Allie Philpin

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