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SaltDNA Introduces First Secure Mobile Conference Calling Feature

  • By Allie Philpin 
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SaltDNA, a developer of encrypted communications solutions for the enterprise, has announced the release of new secure collaboration features and is able to offer the first secure mobile conference calling feature, together with group texting, in their latest software release.  Enterprise users are now able to connect securely via their mobile devices with multiple parties across the world.

Damian Horner, Head of Product Development at SaltDNA, said: “Conference calling is a way of life in business, and an important productivity tool, yet our customers have been compromising privacy in order to collaborate.”  He added: “With our new secure conference calling and group texting features, there’s no compromise.  Group discussions can be conducted and decisions can be made with the confidence that they are private.”

Users of SaltDNA’s secure conference calling and group chat features can be confident that communications don’t leave the encrypted network, and they are able to instantly connect with multiple parties within closed groups, all configured easily by an authorised administrator in the SaltDNA Communications Manager, a web-based secure management portal.

Installed within the organisation’s private infrastructure or as a hosted service via a service provider, SaltDNA Enterprise is a enterprise-controlled solution that offers complete privacy in mobile communications.  Being easy to deploy, the solution utilises multi-layered encryption techniques to the highest levels of security standards and the SaltDNA mobile app can be used on any device that runs Android or iOS, over any network.  The SaltDNA Communication Manager has a console for management of closed user groups and also has the functionality to manage regulatory compliance via a web-based dashboard that is easy touse.

Todd Butler, Vice President of Chenega International Consulting, LLC, a provider of security services to government and enterprise customers, commented: “Secure conference calling and group texting add tremendous value to our service and to our clients.  Communication and collaboration, with full control of who can participate from a central management console, is what our customers demand; they can now be sure that conference calling, on employees’ mobile devices, can remain entirely private.”

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