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Saving Money is not the Top Reason for Implementing Cloud Technology!

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

Cloud computing was probably the biggest trend-setter and growth area in 2013, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to lessen in 2014!  Adopting cloud technologies is all about improving and streamlining business processes, but what is the main driver for IT leaders and business owners for implementing a public cloud solution?  Well, according to TechTarget Fall’s 2013 Cloud Pulse biannual survey, nearly half of 830 IT respondents, that’s 45%, cited ‘business needs’ as their number one reason!

Two years ago, the response was very much in favour of cost savings by 73% of respondents; in 2013’s survey, just 29% focused on cost savings and this very much reflects the change in the way businesses address IT and its requirements.

With public clouds being as flexible and agile as they are, it’s no surprise that IT leaders want to take advantage of cloud computing, and it’s their job to make sure that the right cloud solution is adopted, particularly when it comes cloud storage platforms such as Box and Dropbox, not the job of business users.  IT managers need to be one step ahead and recommend the adoption of public cloud file-sharing and storage platforms as more business users want and need this facility, often brought about by the use of mobile devices, which is a much faster and adaptable solution to building an on-premise application.

Many analysts are in agreement with the survey’s results, as organisations start to realise that there is more to meeting their business needs than just saving money.  There is a much bigger picture which includes streamlining business processes, adopting mobile working practices, improving productivity, expanding storage capabilities to handle the surge in big data that is being absorbed by organisations, and other new, innovative technologies.

Whilst in 2013 many organisations were putting in the frameworks to be able to reap the benefits of new technologies, such as cloud computing, which was corroborated by Stamford’s 2013 global survey of over 2,000 CIOs which suggested that enterprises, on average, only really take advantage of just 43% of the potential technology offers.  But many believe that in 2014, this will also change significantly as cloud adoption rates rise, security measures improve, business users become more accustomed to changes in the way they work, and confidence rises.

Adopting cloud computing is more than just implementing a cloud solution and rolling it out within your business; employees may need retraining, your businesses processes may need redesigning, your corporate policies may need rewriting, but what is key to IT leaders, and their businesses, is the word ‘potential’ and the myriad of possible business opportunities available.  And it’s this word that has moved cost savings down the list of top reasons for adopting public cloud technology.

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