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SavvyDox Document Review Software now Available for Mac

  • By Allie Philpin 
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SavvyDox, providers of the collaborative document review software, has announced the release of SavvyDox for Mac in beta version.  Solving desktop management and tablet issues for government, enterprises and publishers within a cloud-based infrastructure, be it private, hybrid, private or enterprise level, delivers flexible, mobile access to documents for revision, sharing, and reviewing.

Users are able to upload documents directly from any PDF file on Windows, iPad or Mac, or via MS Word on Windows, and then share those documents with others.  Receivers of the documents can share or edit the documents, adding comments if required which are immediately visible to the author as well as to other readers, providing a highly effective way of document review collaboration.

This process allows document recipients to link comments rather than receiving different, updated versions of the document each time a comment is added and ensures that the latest version is always the right version.  Being a cloud-based system, SavvyDox is able to track documents that have been accessed; the SavvyDox Document Analytics enables authors to see which recipients have opened and/or downloaded their documents, plus revoke a document if necessary.

The beta version can be downloaded from

By Allie Philpin

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