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Sony Launches Digital Paper for Reading, Annotating and Sharing Documents

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Sony Electronics has launched a new electronic device aimed to increase productivity and improve collaboration for lawyers. Called Digital Paper, the new tablet device has a 13.3” screen that is able to display full-screen documents in PDF format, allowing legal professionals to read, annotate and share a wide range of documents.

Sony claims that you don’t need to scroll or utilise zoom when reading a document page. Pages can be turned by touching then screen or by using a stylus (included with the device), and users are also able to write, erase and highlight content using the stylus.

Digital documents are received and transmitted via either a network interface of Wi-Fi, and Digital Paper supports PDF documents; documents in MS Word format, as well as Excel PowerPoint files, can be received and converted into PDF format on the device. Worldox Software Corp. are already integrating Digital Paper with their document management software and they believe that Sony’s new device may well replace lawyers’ notepads and binders, and the saving of documents directly into client-matter folders within the Worldox DMS. Ray Zwiefelhofer, President of Worldox Software, added: “Digital Paper is thin and lightweight, super comfortable for taking handwritten notes and viewing documents.”

Digital Paper incorporates a high-contrast display, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery via adapter or USB, 4GB internal memory with a micro SD memory card slot for additional memory, and will be available from May.

By Allie Philpin

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