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SSO; IAM; 2FA; Biometrics; All you Need to Know About Data Security!

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ZONE SE7EN has launched their latest Insight Zone event, Data Security. ZONE SE7EN quizzed the experts and questioned key industry thought-leaders to deliver an online series of Executive Interview videos and a virtual Roundtable that is informative, thought-provoking and enlightening for decision-makers.

Insight Zone’s virtual Data Security exclusive one-on-one Executive Interviews and Roundtable ask those tough questions on your behalf; How does a Single Sign-On policy help improve productivity and save costs? What are the benefits of an Identity Access Management solution? How as cloud change the security landscape? What’s the Internet of Things all about for an enterprise? What makes an intelligence-driven strategy intelligent? How has the use of personal mobile devices impacted data and content security? Usernames and passwords – will they become obsolete? What is the alternative to VPNs for securely provision user access? What are the benefits of a Single Sign-On policy?

Stuart Facey at Bomgar tells us about the operational and security aspects of Bomgar’s PAM solution: “Users effectively get a security profile which describes who they are, what they’re allowed to do, where they’re allowed to go, and when they can go and do specific jobs within the network.”

Paul Ferron at CA Technologies gives us an insight in to why they’re focusing on identity access management in the consumer marketplace: “It’s about understanding the consumer and making sure that you can deliver better services to them, helping customers to drive those better innovations and new business models, enabling them to make that possible.”

Jackson Shaw at Dell explains the steps an organisation needs to consider before moving forward with an IoT deployment: “You need to think about how you virtually separate these IoT devices in your firewall, in your security infrastructure; spend time looking at the devices, understanding how they’ve been built from a security perspective, and build your risk and response profiles around those devices.”

Charles Read at OneLogin tells us why two-factor authentication is becoming a ‘must have’ for many organisations today: “For those using cloud services and accessing these services from outside the firewall, traditional security controlling the perimeter is no longer valid and two-factory authentication is becoming a must.”

Jason Goode at Ping Identity shares with us his thoughts on the viability of social identity: “As the millennials are coming into the workforce, the perception of social media and social identity is changing, as some of our customers have demonstrated by leveraging our social media connectors.”

Rashmi Knowles at RSA explains her thoughts on the benefits of an intelligence driven strategy to an organisation: “If you have an intelligence driven security strategy, then you’re actually minimising the number of places that you have to go to investigate an attack; you’re also helping to retain valuable security staff and it helps you prioritise the things you should be focusing on.”

All Executive Interview videos and the informative virtual Roundtable discussion are available to view online from today. Register FREE via ZONE SE7EN’s Insight Zone here to receive exclusive access, or by using the form below:


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