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Symantec Announces Update to their Storage Foundation Software

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Symantec has updated their Storage Foundation software to enable data centres to use SSDs (solid state drives) in any operating system and hardware environment.  Storage Foundation 6.1 allows the combination of SSDs with existing DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and SANs (Storage Area Networks) with having to compromise on availability.

Ashish Nadkami, a research director in storage systems at IDC, said in a statement: “Symantec’s latest offering is designed to help customers leverage the next generation of storage.”

Key features include:

•    Intuitive caching, using Symantec’s SmartIO technology that detects critical application workloads and caches just the hot data on local SSDs.
•    Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) that allows servers to access remote data, enabling organisations to reduce storage costs by as much as 80% via commoditised storage hardware, and ensures the data is replicated and protected, as well as being available for users.

Nadkami added: “In today’s information-centric world, businesses want both increased performance and costs savings – and it doesn’t make fiscal sense to rip and replace existing storage to deploy new technologies like Flash.  However, with Storage Foundation 6.1, customers can ease into the adoption of new technologies while mixing and matching high-end solutions with traditional hardware, without sacrificing existing service levels.”

By Allie Philpin

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