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7 Business Intelligence Predictions for 2017 from MicroStrategy

By Hugh Owen Senior Vice President, product marketing, MicroStrategy Tremendous amounts of data are generated every minute of every day, presenting equal amounts of possibilities and challenges.  As we look towards 2017, organisations that understand the growing potential of big data and the need to analyse it efficiently will be the ones that see the […]

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Gartner Believe Big Data will Transform Cyber Security

By Tobias Manolo Two things organisations are dealing with in today’s business world: the significant rise in Big Data they are handling, and the ever-increasing security risks and threats.  Research company, Gartner, predict that big data analytics will be crucial when it comes to discovering security breaches; with over 25% of organisations using analytics for […]

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Big Data, Social and the Customer Experience

By Allie Philpin Big data… its rise has been almost meteoric, causing concern for many an organisation!  Now, if you’re a large corporate, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a big investment has been made in building an IT framework of suitable applications and resources in order to not only collect this data, but […]

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Hadoop… The Myths Explained!

Not only has there been an increase in the volume and complexity of data flowing into organisations, there has also been an increase in the number of organisations taking up and implementing Hadoop systems, as well as other big data solutions, to help them manage this influx of structured and unstructured data.  But as the […]

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