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7 Business Intelligence Predictions for 2017 from MicroStrategy

By Hugh Owen Senior Vice President, product marketing, MicroStrategy Tremendous amounts of data are generated every minute of every day, presenting equal amounts of possibilities and challenges.  As we look towards 2017, organisations that understand the growing potential of big data and the need to analyse it efficiently will be the ones that see the […]

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Cloud Computing; Great, But What About Security?

As we become more accustomed to huge amounts of data that we have to deal with, and the world in which we live in is ever-more digital, organisations worldwide face the challenges of storing and analysing – the cost of storage, albeit cheaper than in recent years; processing the data; analysing and extracting the relevant […]

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Big Data Analytics is Helping in the Search for Missing Flight 370

By Allie Philpin As concern continues to grow over missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that suddenly, mysteriously disappeared in South East Asia, the number of people joining the search grows and they are using every tool they can to help them, the latest of which is Big Data analytics. Adaptive Computing’s Chief Architect, Daniel Hardman, […]

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Gartner Believe Big Data will Transform Cyber Security

By Tobias Manolo Two things organisations are dealing with in today’s business world: the significant rise in Big Data they are handling, and the ever-increasing security risks and threats.  Research company, Gartner, predict that big data analytics will be crucial when it comes to discovering security breaches; with over 25% of organisations using analytics for […]

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I’m a Small Business; how do I Manage all this Data?

By Allie Philpin Big data… You hear the term all the time and for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses), these two words can be quite daunting!  Companies of all sizes are generating such large amounts of structured and unstructured data, yet much of it remains untapped and the information that could be gathered from this […]

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Got the Big Data… What About the Little Data?

By Allie Philpin Remember that little saying, “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves,”?  Well, when it comes to data, the same analogy applies; yet too many organisations are ignoring data ‘pennies’!  And it’s not surprising when just about all we’ve heard is Big Data this, and Big Data that, and […]

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Big Data, Social and the Customer Experience

By Allie Philpin Big data… its rise has been almost meteoric, causing concern for many an organisation!  Now, if you’re a large corporate, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a big investment has been made in building an IT framework of suitable applications and resources in order to not only collect this data, but […]

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Lucker Shares His Big Data Trends for 2014

By Allie Philpin Ask any business what they think will be the trends for 2014 and you can almost guarantee that on their list will be managing Big Data, and not surprisingly when you consider the amount of data that is being generated on a daily basis by organisations, large and small.  Technology in 2013 […]

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Protection of Personally Identifiable Information is Still a Major Concern

By Tobias Manolo When it comes to big data deployments, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection is still a major concern due to current technology that has been designed to protect this information can’t guarantee the safety of that information.  Some businesses use PII for targeted ads, products and services, but exposing PII puts someone in […]

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Big Data Needn’t be that Scary!

By Allie Philpin Mention Big Data in some circles and you can see business men and women literally ‘quaking in their boots’, even senior management and within the boardroom!  But do we really need to be that fearful of what, after all, is just data that your organisation has gathered from various sources over a […]

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