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What is Business Process Management All About?

ZONE SE7EN launch their next virtual event in their Insight Zone 2014 series, focusing on Business Process Management (BPM). ZONE SE7EN brought together experts and key industry thought-leaders, and asked them the questions you wanted to ask, delivering informative, intuitive answers to help with those all-important BPM decisions. Insight Zone’s virtual Executive Interviews and Roundtable […]

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Insight Zone’s BPM Event Coming Soon – Sign Up Now!

Not sure about BPM (Business Process Management) and what it means to your business? Watch ZONE SE7EN’s BPM event, the next in our Insight Zone series, and learn more about how managing your business processes can help you make the right decision. Through informative Executive Interview and virtual Roundtable videos with leading experts and thought-leaders […]

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Print Management Delivers More than Just Cost Savings

By Allie Philpin One of the principal reasons companies consider implementing a print management solution is to save money, but there are other benefits for such a program including streamlining productivity, increasing ROI (return on investment), improving print management, and more… All businesses and organisations are continually looking for ways in which they can reduce […]

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Looks Like it’s All Good News for Cloud Computing…

By Allie Philpin In both the business and consumer worlds, we seem to have accepted ‘cloud computing’, and we certainly seem less fearful of this technology as we come to understand not only how it functions, but also how it can help many in a variety of ways.  And judging by a survey recently conducted […]

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Forget CEOs, CMOs and CROs, there’s a New Kid on the block – The CDO!

By Allie Philpin So, you’ve discovered the value of your data; that’s good, particularly as the amount of data you receive into your organisation is only going to increase and any intelligent, useful information you can garner from that data is going to help you improve your bottom line!  In what the UK government has […]

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Master the Art of MDM… That’s Master Data Management

By Tobias Manolo The rate at which data is being generated coupled with technologies that are changing before our very eyes, and you can understand how data quality could be affected.  Capturing, storing and analysing that data is not only time-consuming, but is also open to duplication and errors.  Enter MDM, or Master Data Management… […]

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