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Is your Security Policy Adapting to Mobile Working?

The working environment is changing; mobility is becoming more commonplace in the business world with eMarketer predicting that there will be more than 1.91 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2015.  With this figure set ot rise by approximately 12.6% next year, these staggering statistics equate to every two in three people in the UK owning […]

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Fortinet Launch New Mobile Security Service Protecting Mobile Devices

Global leader in cyber security solutions, Fortinet, has announced the launch of a new mobile security subscription service designed to protect mobile devices from cyber threats.  FortiGuard Mobile Security helps enterprises in managing any unwelcome threats to mobile devices, particularly within BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments, including mobile application control and mobile malware protection […]

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Hitachi Introduce Mobile Access to their IAM System

Hitachi ID Systems has released a new version of their Identity and Access Management Suite offering mobile access via Android and iOS platforms.  Version 9.0 improves automated access remediate for the user as well as an improved user interface but the key new aspect is the launch of Hitachi ID Mobile Access. Idan Shoham, CTO […]

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Forget MDM, Says Gartner; it’s Now EMM (or MTM!)

By Allie Philpin We’ve just got used to MDM and now we’re being told to forget that; today’s it’s all about EMM… or is MTM?  So many acronyms you’d be forgiven for struggling to keep up!  Let’s clarify: MDM is Mobile Device Management; EMM is the new term for MDM and stands for Enterprise Mobility […]

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BYOD? MDM? Time to Embrace Enterprise Mobility!

ZONE SE7EN launch their next virtual event in their Insight Zone 2014 series, focusing on Enterprise Mobility. ZONE SE7EN brought together experts and key industry thought-leaders, and asked them the questions you wanted answers too, delivering informative, intuitive answers to help with those all-important security decisions. Insight Zone’s virtual Executive Interviews and Roundtable asks those […]


Insight Zone’s Enterprise Mobility Event Coming Soon – Sign Up Now!

Learn all you need to know about BYOD, MDM and mobile cloud solutions through ZONE SE7EN’s Enterprise Mobility event, the next in our 2014 Insight Zone series.  Through informative Executive Interviews and virtual Roundtable videos with leading experts and thought-leaders within the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) industry, we provide you with […]

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Geo-Fencing’s Benefits Revolutionising Mobile Security

By Tobias Manolo Geo-fencing does exactly what it says it does – it builds a virtual ‘fence’ that will trigger different actions depending on whether the platform, user, service or application is inside or outside the fence – and it’s for this reason that more and more applications, network platforms and services use this technology […]

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To have a BYOD Policy or not?

By Allie Philpin Wherever you go these days, there’s a mobile phone glued to someone’s ear or a mobile device resting in another’s hand.  Many of these mobile devices belong to business people; many of these mobile devices are personal devices being used for business purposes.  It’s not surprising really, given the capabilities and functionality […]

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Mobiles and BYOD Highlights Unrecognised Security Issues

By Allie Philpin Every day, more and more employees are using their own mobile devices, including their own applications, as part of their carrying out their role in business.  But according to Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, this trend that is growing at a significant rate highlights security issues that many businesses […]

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Wearable Technology; the Next Cloud Phenomenon?

By Allie Philpin A couple of weeks ago, Virgin Atlantic announced their trial of wearable technology at London Heathrow airport.  Virgin staff in the Upper Class Wing will be trialling passenger-facing wearable technology using Google Glass and Sony Smart watches, enabling them to provide a high class, high tech, personalised passenger experience.  Using this innovative […]

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