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No Black and White in the Cloud

By David Jones, Cloud Solution Marketing Manager, Hyland Software Successful ECM (enterprise content management) will always be a balance between security and accessibility, according to David Jones of Hyland Software. But to get the ideal balance between the two, perhaps the cloud is the best option? The analyst firm, IDC, calls it the Third Platform […]

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Dell Thinks Outside the Box

By Louella Fernandes, Quocirca In a highly commoditised market, printer vendors are challenged with keeping their products relevant in an evolving digital and mobile workplace.  Dell is moving in the right direction with an expanded printing portfolio that encompass solutions “beyond print”, enabling its latest multifunction printers (MFP) to be used as cloud-centric document processing […]

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Where’s the Technology Revolution in the UK?

By Allie Philpin Go back to the 18th/19th centuries (ok, before most of us were born!) and Britain was a leading industrialist, leading the world in new innovations, including technology!  Today, quite simply, we’re not.  Cloud computing, BYOD, mobility… all revolutionary technological advancements, but it’s not Britain’s businesses that are leading the way, it’s enterprises […]

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Assessing the Risks to Implementing Cloud Computing

By Allie Philpin Earlier this month, we published an article – Beware the Risks with Cloud Computing – highlighting the potential risks involved in implementing a cloud computing solution.  What we didn’t discuss was how to assess those risks to ensure that your venture into the cloud is successful.  The rise in cloud computing has […]

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How can Cloud Computing Benefit Your SME Competitively?

By Stephen Thomas Although 99% of businesses and 60% of the private sector workforce was accounted for by SME last year (this is explained further in this article by The Guardian), starting up and maintaining a healthy turnover is still as tough as it has ever been. Competing with the bigger businesses in any sector […]

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Huddle Launches Content Connector; Releasing Enterprises from SharePoint?

By Allie Philpin Last month, Huddle launched Content Connector; a tool that many believe could be the turning point in Huddle’s battles against SharePoint, and a tool that could also be the beginning of the slide down for SharePoint.  Content Connector allows the seamless migration of large sets of data from Sharepoint, as well as […]

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Don’t Look to the Cloud to Solve your Storage Capacity Problems

Tobias Manolo Ask your storage administrator what their storage utilisation rate is and they’ll probably quote you the allocated figure they’ve allowed; sometimes that’s correct (and if it is, investigate!), sometimes it’s not as the actual consumption of storage used can be a lot lower.  Most companies don’t manage their storage capacity effectively, nor do […]

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SME’s Can Take Advantage of the Cloud

By Allie Philpin Talking to various small- and medium-sized businesses (SME’s), there is certainly an interest in moving across to the cloud but there is still a hesitation, and it is not just the security issues that are preventing SME’s from taking the plunge into cloud computing.  Another issue appears to be that many SME […]

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Will ‘Cloud It’ Pull in the Customers for Barclays?

By Allie Philpin As a Barclays customer and a keen interest in all things technical, when the bank announced the launch of their new cloud-based document management service, I was more than a little intrigued.  The new service, Cloud It, has been designed for use by their online customers to store their important documents electronically, […]

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Study Reveals the ‘Hidden Costs’ Fear of Cloud Computing

Over the next few years, a major priority for many organisations is migrating to the cloud, but not without worrying about the risks involved in such a move, according to new research carried out.  At the request of Compuware, Research In Action surveyed 468 IT decision-makers as to their experiences with cloud computing and whether […]

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