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Ask Before You ‘Get into Bed’ with a Cloud Storage Provider

By Allie Philpin Advances in cloud computing technology has made the possibility of storing large amounts of data in the cloud much more accessible than in the past.  Public cloud storage providers offer plenty to large, medium and small organisations but before you ‘get into bed’ with a provider, there are a number of questions […]

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Storing Data on AWS? SafeNet Shows You how to Encrypt Sensitive Data

By Tobias Manolo More and more businesses are turning to pay-as-you-go cloud services to store corporate data and drive their business-critical applications; many are turning to Amazon’s Web Services, or AWS, but that doesn’t stop businesses concerns over protecting sensitive data or complying with regulatory requirements.  To address these issues, SafeNet have published an ebook […]

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Don’t Look to the Cloud to Solve your Storage Capacity Problems

Tobias Manolo Ask your storage administrator what their storage utilisation rate is and they’ll probably quote you the allocated figure they’ve allowed; sometimes that’s correct (and if it is, investigate!), sometimes it’s not as the actual consumption of storage used can be a lot lower.  Most companies don’t manage their storage capacity effectively, nor do […]

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Project Management Document Storage Options

By Tobias Manolo When working within a project management team, particularly a small team, collaboration and the sharing of documents/data between all participants is a high priority, if not essential for the project manager!  Without access, it becomes more difficult to meet deadlines, adhere to budgets, achieve goals, and monitor the project’s progress.  So, having […]

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The Emerging Storage Story…

With the inexorable rise in data, structured and unstructured, flowing into organisations today, is it any wonder that traditional file-based and block-based storage systems are struggling to cope with the demand placed upon their storage capacity, and accessibility by more than just a small number of users?  Whilst vendors of these types of storage systems […]

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