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SaltDNA Introduces First Secure Mobile Conference Calling Feature

SaltDNA, a developer of encrypted communications solutions for the enterprise, has announced the release of new secure collaboration features and is able to offer the first secure mobile conference calling feature, together with group texting, in their latest software release.  Enterprise users are now able to connect securely via their mobile devices with multiple parties across the world. […]

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Xerox Release Updated Productivity Solutions to Ease Data Security and Document Collaboration Workload

Employees today have to manage manual processes, such as sharing, annotating, securing and storing data and documents, in order to keep businesses flowing.  To help them achieve improved efficiency, Xerox has released updated versions of Xerox Digital Alternatives and Xerox DocuShare personal productivity solutions that automate document processing. Xerox Digital Alternatives 2.0, a desktop and mobile […]

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6 Steps to Making Enterprise Mobility Work for You!

By Allie Philpin As organisations become more accepting of the mobile environment – employees for a more collaborative workplace, the reduction of costs and increase in productivity, a better customer experience – they are also considering outsourcing to help them handle internal transformation and change management.  But to ensure that enterprise mobility is successful for […]

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Mobility Leading the way in ECM Transformation, According to Ovum

By Allie Philpin Research organisation, Ovum, has released a new report – 2014 Trends to Watch on Enterprise Content Management – where they identify 5 key trends that they believe will impact ECM in 2014, and leading the way is mobility with the biggest changes occurring in the delivery of content as users demand access […]

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Siemens Enterprise Communications Becomes Unify… The Event of the Year!

By Allie Philpin Re-invent; re-invigorate; re-introduce; re-energise; refresh; reveal…  As Siemens Enterprise Communications unveil their new name, their new branding and the reality of Project Ansible, I get the feeling that the event is going to be one of those “…do you remember where you were when..?” moments!  And not without good reason! At Zone […]

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Huddle Launches Content Connector; Releasing Enterprises from SharePoint?

By Allie Philpin Last month, Huddle launched Content Connector; a tool that many believe could be the turning point in Huddle’s battles against SharePoint, and a tool that could also be the beginning of the slide down for SharePoint.  Content Connector allows the seamless migration of large sets of data from Sharepoint, as well as […]

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Beware the Risks with Cloud Computing!

By Allie Philpin Now, don’t panic… we’re not saying don’t implement the cloud; we just want to make sure that you’ve considered the disadvantages, or risks, as well as the advantages when it comes to cloud computing.  Indeed, Zone Se7en has just moved over to the cloud but we spent time evaluating not only the […]

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Project Management Document Storage Options

By Tobias Manolo When working within a project management team, particularly a small team, collaboration and the sharing of documents/data between all participants is a high priority, if not essential for the project manager!  Without access, it becomes more difficult to meet deadlines, adhere to budgets, achieve goals, and monitor the project’s progress.  So, having […]

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Enterprise Social Networks… Great! But how do You Measure the ROI?

Enterprise social networks… there aren’t many companies in the business world today that doesn’t employ some form of social network, even it is the basics of Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.  Whether it’s a basic form or a more complex solution, enterprise social networks have the ability to change the way an organisation conducts their business, […]

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Microsoft SharePoint… A Leader in Content Management?

Launched by Microsoft in 2001, SharePoint has risen to become the leading solution when it comes to content and document management.  A web-based application, its flexibility has been its appeal and recent updates have provided even more capabilities that are useful to an organisation.  However, there are rumblings that SharePoint isn’t as effective a tool […]

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