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Document Management and Electronic Storage Benefits Law Firms

By Allie Philpin Anyone that has ever had any dealings with the legal profession, on either side, is no doubt aware that the industry is bound by paper!  But technology is starting to revolutionise the paper mountain, with the help of cloud computing and document management systems.  But before law firms jump in and implement […]

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IDC Predicts High IT Spending for Financial Sector over Coming Years

By Allie Philpin The level of demand on compliance for financial institutions is at its highest level, and IDC predicts that the levels of IT spend for financial institutions to meet these demands, reaching as much as $80 billion by 2017!  Just managing their data can lead to thousands of man-hours every year, which leads […]

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Beware the Risks with Cloud Computing!

By Allie Philpin Now, don’t panic… we’re not saying don’t implement the cloud; we just want to make sure that you’ve considered the disadvantages, or risks, as well as the advantages when it comes to cloud computing.  Indeed, Zone Se7en has just moved over to the cloud but we spent time evaluating not only the […]

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