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Understanding Cloud Security

By David Jones, Cloud Solution Marketing Manager at Hyland, creator of OnBase. Cloud security tends to focus on perimeter security – or how the cloud system and its data is protected from external access; firewalls, password protection and secure Internet channels live here.  To be honest, this is the type of security that most people […]

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Storage… Budgets Down, Capacity Up, and Many Still Cautious About Cloud

By Allie Philpin Interviews recently carried out by 451 Research’s ThelnfoPro service with IT and storage professionals within medium and large companies revealed that whilst budgets for storage were down, there is still the need to cope with the ever-increasing capacity issue and whilst flash storage is used by many, all-flash arrays are not.  What […]

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What does ‘Internet of Things’ Actually Mean?

By Allie Philpin We keep hearing the term ‘Internet of Things’; it’s a technological term that is being applied to collect information from data centres.  But do we actually know what the term means?  Probably not… So let’s try and explain it. Basically, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system combining data-collecting technologies […]

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How can Cloud Computing Benefit Your SME Competitively?

By Stephen Thomas Although 99% of businesses and 60% of the private sector workforce was accounted for by SME last year (this is explained further in this article by The Guardian), starting up and maintaining a healthy turnover is still as tough as it has ever been. Competing with the bigger businesses in any sector […]

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