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Nexsan Release UNITY – A Unified Storage Solution with Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share

A global leader in unified storage solutions, Nexsan, has released UNITY, a next-generation storage solution that combines scalability, performance, Flash and DRAM together with data mobility support and private cloud file system synchronisation.  The latest features that have been added to universal connectivity for Ethernet, SAS and Fibre Channel, as well as services including SAN […]

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So You want to Establish a Data Management Department?

By Allie Philpin Back in January, we reported the rise of the CDO – that’s Chief Data Officer – employed to manage an organisation’s data, analyse it, and report the useful information gathered from that data.  Trouble is, the growth of data channelling its way into organisations has grown considerably more and it’s taking more […]

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Storing Electronic Information Long Term could be Risky

By Allie Philpin You could be forgiven for thinking that electronic information can be stored indefinitely; however, it now seems that storing electronic information passively could turn out to be not only wasteful, but also a high risk decision.  So, why do we store information long term without doing anything with it; and how can […]

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Forget CEOs, CMOs and CROs, there’s a New Kid on the block – The CDO!

By Allie Philpin So, you’ve discovered the value of your data; that’s good, particularly as the amount of data you receive into your organisation is only going to increase and any intelligent, useful information you can garner from that data is going to help you improve your bottom line!  In what the UK government has […]

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IDC Predicts High IT Spending for Financial Sector over Coming Years

By Allie Philpin The level of demand on compliance for financial institutions is at its highest level, and IDC predicts that the levels of IT spend for financial institutions to meet these demands, reaching as much as $80 billion by 2017!  Just managing their data can lead to thousands of man-hours every year, which leads […]

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Big Data Needn’t be that Scary!

By Allie Philpin Mention Big Data in some circles and you can see business men and women literally ‘quaking in their boots’, even senior management and within the boardroom!  But do we really need to be that fearful of what, after all, is just data that your organisation has gathered from various sources over a […]

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Master the Art of MDM… That’s Master Data Management

By Tobias Manolo The rate at which data is being generated coupled with technologies that are changing before our very eyes, and you can understand how data quality could be affected.  Capturing, storing and analysing that data is not only time-consuming, but is also open to duplication and errors.  Enter MDM, or Master Data Management… […]

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POPI Potentially Creates Data Management Problems for S.A. Businesses

By Allie Philpin POPI, the acronym for South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Bill that is set to be signed into law, has left businesses in the country a little unprepared when it comes to their data management.  They have been given a year to ‘get their house in order’ but many are finding that […]

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Hadoop… The Myths Explained!

Not only has there been an increase in the volume and complexity of data flowing into organisations, there has also been an increase in the number of organisations taking up and implementing Hadoop systems, as well as other big data solutions, to help them manage this influx of structured and unstructured data.  But as the […]

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The Big Data Buzz… But What is it Exactly?

The phrase of the moment… Big Data… the answer for better strategies, workflows, analytics, information and data management, competitive advantage, the list goes on.  In basic terms, Big Data is the exponential growth of structured and unstructured information generated by businesses today, and the advent of the Internet and social media has significantly helped in […]

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