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Companies Do Not Have Adequate Data Privacy Tools

According to a TechValidate survey on behalf of ForgeRock, a leading open platform provider of identity management solutions, released this week, an incredible 91% of companies don’t have sufficient data privacy and consent tools.  In addition, 95% of respondents to the survey said that at C-level the concern about personal data privacy and their ability to manage, control […]

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Understanding Cloud Security

By David Jones, Cloud Solution Marketing Manager at Hyland, creator of OnBase. Cloud security tends to focus on perimeter security – or how the cloud system and its data is protected from external access; firewalls, password protection and secure Internet channels live here.  To be honest, this is the type of security that most people […]

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Could Legislation and Regulation Slow Down Technology Adoption?

By Tobias Manolo As the economy improves and businesses are finally feeling confident enough to start thinking of the future, about innovation, growth, expansion and investment, governments and regulators issue yet more legislation that organisations have to adhere to, all of which takes up those valuable resources which would have been put towards improving the […]

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Hackers… Some Believe they do a Worthwhile Job, Says Survey

By Tobias Manolo Hector Xavier Monsegur, the hacker responsible for the 2011 cyber attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Public Broadcasting Service and Fox Broadcasting Company, has been spared a lengthy jail sentence, thanks to his help in preventing over 300 further cyber attacks since. Spotify, the popular Swedish music streaming service, has admitted it […]

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To have a BYOD Policy or not?

By Allie Philpin Wherever you go these days, there’s a mobile phone glued to someone’s ear or a mobile device resting in another’s hand.  Many of these mobile devices belong to business people; many of these mobile devices are personal devices being used for business purposes.  It’s not surprising really, given the capabilities and functionality […]

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Do Your Employees Understand the Implications of BYOD?

By Allie Philpin A friend told me the other day that his company, a 4,000-employee corporate organisation, has issued new guidelines to using personal mobile devices and any employee wishing to use their own device was to liaise with the IT department who would take their device and upload the applications relevant to their role.  […]

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POPI Potentially Creates Data Management Problems for S.A. Businesses

By Allie Philpin POPI, the acronym for South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Bill that is set to be signed into law, has left businesses in the country a little unprepared when it comes to their data management.  They have been given a year to ‘get their house in order’ but many are finding that […]

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One Data Privacy Law for Europe, says VP of European Commission

By Allie Philpin Cloud computing in Europe is significantly gaining ground, which has led the Vice President of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, to call for one privacy law throughout Europe that details stronger regulations for privacy protection in her speech to the European Commission last week, titled “Data protection reform: restoring trust and building […]

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Oh! The Surveillance Scandal of it all!

Back in June, news leaked of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) PRISM surveillance project in the US, and it caused quite a stir at the time!  Since then, US cloud providers have been involved with lengthy discussions regarding the predicted financial impact to themselves, particularly following confirmation from cloud giants, including Google and Microsoft, that […]

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