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Top 3 Data Security Predictions for 2017 from Alfresco

The high profile data breaches of 2016 will ensure that the security of sensitive data will be at the top of the C-suite’s agenda for 2017. Ankur Laroia, Strategic Solutions Leader at Alfresco, has provided his Top 3 Data Security predictions for 2017: 1.    CISOs will shift more investment toward granularly identifying information vs. parametric measures. Depending on your […]

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Xerox Release Updated Productivity Solutions to Ease Data Security and Document Collaboration Workload

Employees today have to manage manual processes, such as sharing, annotating, securing and storing data and documents, in order to keep businesses flowing.  To help them achieve improved efficiency, Xerox has released updated versions of Xerox Digital Alternatives and Xerox DocuShare personal productivity solutions that automate document processing. Xerox Digital Alternatives 2.0, a desktop and mobile […]

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SSO; IAM; 2FA; Biometrics; All you Need to Know About Data Security!

ZONE SE7EN has launched their latest Insight Zone event, Data Security. ZONE SE7EN quizzed the experts and questioned key industry thought-leaders to deliver an online series of Executive Interview videos and a virtual Roundtable that is informative, thought-provoking and enlightening for decision-makers. Insight Zone’s virtual Data Security exclusive one-on-one Executive Interviews and Roundtable ask those […]

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Data Security, SSO, IAM, 2FA, Biometrics – Sign Up Now to View our Insight Zone Security Event!

Our second Insight Zone Data Security event is coming to your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or mobile device soon! This is your chance to tap into the knowledge of our experts, learning about a range of aspects in keeping your data secure, be it in the cloud, on a mobile device or on-premise, and shed […]

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Secure, Encrypt, Authenticate & Protect Your Data

ZONE SE7EN has launched their latest virtual event in their Insight Zone 2014 series, focusing on the data security industry.  ZONE SE7EN brought together experts and key industry thought-leaders and subjected them to a series of probing questions, providing you with informative, enlightening answers to help with those all-important security decisions. Insight Zone’s virtual Executive […]

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So You want to Establish a Data Management Department?

By Allie Philpin Back in January, we reported the rise of the CDO – that’s Chief Data Officer – employed to manage an organisation’s data, analyse it, and report the useful information gathered from that data.  Trouble is, the growth of data channelling its way into organisations has grown considerably more and it’s taking more […]


Insight Zone’s Data Security Event Coming Soon – Sign Up Now!

Learn all you need to know about how to secure your organisation through ZONE SE7EN’s Security event, the next in our 2014 Insight Zone series.  Through informative Executive Interviews and virtual Roundtable videos with leading experts and thought-leaders within the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) industry, we provide you with the answers […]

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