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Xerox Awarded NHSBSA Contract

Xerox announced they have been awarded the NHS Business Services Authority contract to manage the production and printing of secure and non-secure business forms, including dental forms, prescription pads and operational forms, for the NHS in England and Wales. A three-year contract, Xerox, in partnership with Adare, will be handling the printing of 800 million prescription […]

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From Cloud to Mobile to Print – Are You Securing Your Documents and Data Right?

By Darren Cassidy, Managing Director, Xerox UK The risk of data loss through printed material is still remarkably commonplace.  While online hacks make headlines, breaches related to printed documents still represent a significant portion of data loss today.  It’s important to realise that printers connect to an organisation’s entire network, and the security of traditionally […]

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Managing Legal Matters Made Easier with Matter Management Technology

By Allie Philpin As anyone who is either in, or has been connected with, the legal industry will know that litigation cases come with the headache of managing legal matter, particularly legal transactions – tracking, review, assistance, etc., and these tasks are often difficult to manage.  But with the growth of matter management technology delivering […]

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Document Management and Electronic Storage Benefits Law Firms

By Allie Philpin Anyone that has ever had any dealings with the legal profession, on either side, is no doubt aware that the industry is bound by paper!  But technology is starting to revolutionise the paper mountain, with the help of cloud computing and document management systems.  But before law firms jump in and implement […]

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The Paperless Office – Enduring Myth or Soon to be Reality?

By Darren Cassidy, Managing Director, Xerox UK The paperless office has been touted since the mid-1970s at least, with advocates envisioning minimalist, futuristic spaces that exude efficiency. In reality, however, office printing has been rising for close to 40 years. There are signs that this trend may be on the downturn, with industry analysts such […]

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Document Imaging, Document Capture… They’re the Same. Err… No!

By Allie Philpin With the words ‘paperless office’ being echoed down the corridors, quite possibly ‘music to the ears’ of many who are being drowned by paper, many a business is actively investigating how this can be achieved.  But before you can be rid of your paper mountain (if you can ever be, which many […]

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Xerography Celebrates 75 Years!

By Allie Philpin Today we think nothing of heading down the corridor to the multi-function printer that is capable of copy information from one piece of paper to another numerous times, of scanning a document to electronically appear on your computer screen, of printing your letters, brochures and other documents from a remote location… But […]

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Will ‘Cloud It’ Pull in the Customers for Barclays?

By Allie Philpin As a Barclays customer and a keen interest in all things technical, when the bank announced the launch of their new cloud-based document management service, I was more than a little intrigued.  The new service, Cloud It, has been designed for use by their online customers to store their important documents electronically, […]

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Managing and Storing those Emails… For Lawyers!

We’ve all been there… searching through our Inbox to find that email we know we received a few weeks, or even months, back, the one that had that really important document attached to it; how many hours have you lost trying to find that one document that is now needed?  Probably too long!  According to […]

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GLC and DocSolid Work Together to Integrate the KwikTag Legal Scanning Solution

GLC Business Services has partnered with DocSolid, leaders in enterprise document scanning solutions for the legal industry, in order to integrate the scanning solution, KwikTag® Legal, with GLC’s facilities and records management services.  GLC will be able to offer KwikTag Legal, system administration and any relevant labour in order to digitally capture incoming paper content, […]

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