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Google Lost; will Yahoo Face the same Fate over Email Intrusion?

By Allie Philpin So, Google lost the privacy lawsuit against them; ok, that’s not much of a surprise as most of us think that these big corporations believe they can do anything and get away with it!  But there’s a sting in the tail for those providers of email accounts for the general public… more […]

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Managing and Storing those Emails… For Lawyers!

We’ve all been there… searching through our Inbox to find that email we know we received a few weeks, or even months, back, the one that had that really important document attached to it; how many hours have you lost trying to find that one document that is now needed?  Probably too long!  According to […]

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Email… We’re Still Opening those Bad Ones!

It seems we haven’t learnt our lessons when it comes to email… temptation is still too great and we’re still opening those suspicious emails!  According to Halon, and TNS Global who conducted a survey on their behalf about email security, 30% of participants admitted that they would open that email, even though they knew it […]

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