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DIGIPASS 770 Has Cronto-Based Visual Authentication and Transaction Signing Tools

VASCO Data Security International, Inc., global leaders in authentication, electronic signatures and identity management, announced this week that the DIGIPASS 770 authenticator now has Cronto-based visual authentication and transaction signing capabilities incorporated, using an encrypted colour QR code to protect against cyberattacks. A hand-held, compact authenticator, the DIGIPASS 770 features a colour display, PIN protection, […]

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2015 Dominated by 4 Cybersecurity Trends

According to a Dell threat report based on data collated and analysed throughout 2015 from the Dell SonicWALL Global Response Intelligence Defense network, 2015 was dominated by four cybersecurity trends, including revealing vulnerabilities with a popular encryption method.  The report demonstrated that overall, there was a 73% rise in malware attacks last year. HTTPS connections […]

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SaltDNA Introduces First Secure Mobile Conference Calling Feature

SaltDNA, a developer of encrypted communications solutions for the enterprise, has announced the release of new secure collaboration features and is able to offer the first secure mobile conference calling feature, together with group texting, in their latest software release.  Enterprise users are now able to connect securely via their mobile devices with multiple parties across the world. […]

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SSO; IAM; 2FA; Biometrics; All you Need to Know About Data Security!

ZONE SE7EN has launched their latest Insight Zone event, Data Security. ZONE SE7EN quizzed the experts and questioned key industry thought-leaders to deliver an online series of Executive Interview videos and a virtual Roundtable that is informative, thought-provoking and enlightening for decision-makers. Insight Zone’s virtual Data Security exclusive one-on-one Executive Interviews and Roundtable ask those […]

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Whitewood Encryption Systems Gets Patent for Secure Multi-Party Communication

Creators of next generation systems of data encryption, Whitewood Encryption Services, Inc., has announced that they have been awarded a US patent for secure multi-party communication compatible with key distribution protocols including QKD (Quantum Key Distribution). The patent covers technology designed to provde a cost-effective yet scalable solution, delivering QKD advantages, such as low latency and […]

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Storing Data on AWS? SafeNet Shows You how to Encrypt Sensitive Data

By Tobias Manolo More and more businesses are turning to pay-as-you-go cloud services to store corporate data and drive their business-critical applications; many are turning to Amazon’s Web Services, or AWS, but that doesn’t stop businesses concerns over protecting sensitive data or complying with regulatory requirements.  To address these issues, SafeNet have published an ebook […]

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Protection of Personally Identifiable Information is Still a Major Concern

By Tobias Manolo When it comes to big data deployments, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection is still a major concern due to current technology that has been designed to protect this information can’t guarantee the safety of that information.  Some businesses use PII for targeted ads, products and services, but exposing PII puts someone in […]

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Assessing the Risks to Implementing Cloud Computing

By Allie Philpin Earlier this month, we published an article – Beware the Risks with Cloud Computing – highlighting the potential risks involved in implementing a cloud computing solution.  What we didn’t discuss was how to assess those risks to ensure that your venture into the cloud is successful.  The rise in cloud computing has […]

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