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Wearable Technology… Proceed with Caution?

By Allie Philpin From the moment Virgin Atlantic announced their staff were trialling Google Glass in First Class to keep passengers up-to-date on the flight, journey, weather and more, wearable technology has found its place on the ‘new technological innovation’ map.  Now that Virgin has announced that the trial was successful and they will be […]

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Forget MDM, Says Gartner; it’s Now EMM (or MTM!)

By Allie Philpin We’ve just got used to MDM and now we’re being told to forget that; today’s it’s all about EMM… or is MTM?  So many acronyms you’d be forgiven for struggling to keep up!  Let’s clarify: MDM is Mobile Device Management; EMM is the new term for MDM and stands for Enterprise Mobility […]

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Gartner Believe Big Data will Transform Cyber Security

By Tobias Manolo Two things organisations are dealing with in today’s business world: the significant rise in Big Data they are handling, and the ever-increasing security risks and threats.  Research company, Gartner, predict that big data analytics will be crucial when it comes to discovering security breaches; with over 25% of organisations using analytics for […]

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There is a Shift in Thought on BYOD… From Employees

By Allie Philpin How many times have you heard the phrase: “If I lost my phone, I’d lose everything!”  Or how about this one: “Everything I have is on my phone; all my contacts, emails, documents…”  If these two phrases, and others that are similar, are familiar to you, it will come as no surprise […]

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8 Vendors in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management’

By Allie Philpin Gartner Inc. recently released their inaugural ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management’, placing 8 vendors into the report over 4 categories: leaders, niche players, visionaries and challengers.  Gartner cited the different requirements regarding privacy of data, a rise in federal regulations and an increase in the amount of data now accumulated by […]

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Gartner Publishes Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services, Worldwide 2013

By Allie Philpin Gartner, Inc., has just released their latest update of their Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services, Worldwide 2013 and the top 10 MPS providers worldwide remain the same, including last year’s new entry, Kyocera! Gartner defines Managed Print Services (MPS) as a service provided to ‘optimise or manage a company’s document output […]

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Master the Art of MDM… That’s Master Data Management

By Tobias Manolo The rate at which data is being generated coupled with technologies that are changing before our very eyes, and you can understand how data quality could be affected.  Capturing, storing and analysing that data is not only time-consuming, but is also open to duplication and errors.  Enter MDM, or Master Data Management… […]

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