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Security Concerns Holding Back the UK from Voting Online

We bank online; we pay our taxes online; we pay bills online; we shop online; why can’t we vote online?  As we get ready to head off to our designated polling stations throughout the country to post our vote for the General Election on 7th May, this perplexing question is still vexing many.  Voting electronically […]

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Hackers… Some Believe they do a Worthwhile Job, Says Survey

By Tobias Manolo Hector Xavier Monsegur, the hacker responsible for the 2011 cyber attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Public Broadcasting Service and Fox Broadcasting Company, has been spared a lengthy jail sentence, thanks to his help in preventing over 300 further cyber attacks since. Spotify, the popular Swedish music streaming service, has admitted it […]

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Protect Your Company Against Hackers

By Tobias Manolo Over the past 18 months, we’ve heard the news of many a retailer suffering data loss at the hands of hackers.  In 2013, the hacker’s activities meant that over 130 million customer accounts were compromised because online security systems had failed – not happy reading for many!  And it isn’t just the […]

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Checking Web Security Needn’t Cost a Fortune!

By Tobias Manolo So, you’ve got your website and it’s working well; but is it secure?  And how do I check whether it’s not vulnerable?  But if you don’t have much of a budget to constantly check your web applications for any potential vulnerabilities or security flaws, it can be quite a challenge!  That said, […]

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Message for M2M Device Vendors… Don’t Forget Security!

By Tobias Manolo Under the increasingly broad term coined in 2013, that of ‘Internet of Things’, comes machine-to-machine (M2M) devices; it is this area that hackers are starting to focus on in 2014 and it seems that this is an area where they are most likely to succeed!  According to Rapid7, a company that specialises […]

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Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) – What is it?

By Tobias Manolo Life on the Internet can be quite a minefield when it comes to sensitive information, and that’s why we have SSL/TLS protocols and web server certificates via Certificate Authorities (CA) that we trust; they are important, crucial even, to online communication.  The web server’s digital certificate is checked, automatically, for any problems […]

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