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Big Data Needn’t be that Scary!

By Allie Philpin Mention Big Data in some circles and you can see business men and women literally ‘quaking in their boots’, even senior management and within the boardroom!  But do we really need to be that fearful of what, after all, is just data that your organisation has gathered from various sources over a […]

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You’re Interested in the Data, now comes the Project Strategy Challenge

By Tobias Manolo Talend sponsored a survey recently that revealed 24% of their respondents were not interested in their organisation’s big data; a big drop on last year’s figure of 61%!  So, it seems that many businesses are starting to wake up to the big data phenomenon.  But the rise in those companies that have […]

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Hadoop… The Myths Explained!

Not only has there been an increase in the volume and complexity of data flowing into organisations, there has also been an increase in the number of organisations taking up and implementing Hadoop systems, as well as other big data solutions, to help them manage this influx of structured and unstructured data.  But as the […]

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Private Cloud Storage has Positive effect for Hadoop Users

If you’re a Hadoop user, you’ll know just how good a tool it is in providing actionable information and analytics not only on large amounts of unstructured data sets, but also on big structured data sets, particularly the way it finds information that other systems would not trace and the speed with which it trawls […]

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