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IDC Study Predicts More Servers will Move to the Cloud

By Allie Philpin Last week, IDC predicted that moving servers to cloud service providers and SaaS (software-as-a-service) is very much on the increase as we see a rise in the cloud computing, and it demonstrates the way servers are used in today’s business environments.  IDC believes that as many as 30% of servers in 2014 […]

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IDC Predicts High IT Spending for Financial Sector over Coming Years

By Allie Philpin The level of demand on compliance for financial institutions is at its highest level, and IDC predicts that the levels of IT spend for financial institutions to meet these demands, reaching as much as $80 billion by 2017!  Just managing their data can lead to thousands of man-hours every year, which leads […]

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Managing and Storing those Emails… For Lawyers!

We’ve all been there… searching through our Inbox to find that email we know we received a few weeks, or even months, back, the one that had that really important document attached to it; how many hours have you lost trying to find that one document that is now needed?  Probably too long!  According to […]

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