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New Report Finds Mobile and IoT Devices Yet to Become Targets for Data Attacks

Verizon’s annual 2016 Data Breach Investigation Report (DIBR) has highlighted that mobile and IoT devices are still not considered a factor in real-world data attacks, and are still a low priority. The reports looks at emerging trends and patterns in data breaches worldwide.  Verizon analysed over 100,000 security incidents and included third-party data from approximately […]

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2015 Dominated by 4 Cybersecurity Trends

According to a Dell threat report based on data collated and analysed throughout 2015 from the Dell SonicWALL Global Response Intelligence Defense network, 2015 was dominated by four cybersecurity trends, including revealing vulnerabilities with a popular encryption method.  The report demonstrated that overall, there was a 73% rise in malware attacks last year. HTTPS connections […]

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Fortinet Launch New Mobile Security Service Protecting Mobile Devices

Global leader in cyber security solutions, Fortinet, has announced the launch of a new mobile security subscription service designed to protect mobile devices from cyber threats.  FortiGuard Mobile Security helps enterprises in managing any unwelcome threats to mobile devices, particularly within BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments, including mobile application control and mobile malware protection […]

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Microsoft Reveals New Security Analytics Platform at Ignite

At their Ignite conference this week, Microsoft announced the launch of their new security analytics platform that has been developed to detect advanced persistent threats using behavioural analysis of devices and end users.  Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) detects security issues and malware using security research and provides threat details on an attack timeline to help […]

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Mobile Security: Do the Basics!

By Allie Philpin As mobile device users, be it for work or personal use, you can’t turn the corner without hearing about the latest threat to the security of our data!  Companies are falling over themselves to provide us with the latest technological innovation that will secure your mobile device better than anything else on […]

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Improve Your Mobile Security with these Top Rated Apps

By Tobias Manolo With the increase in the use of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. – and the rise of in BYOD, be it Android or iOS, there are some top rated apps that can help you address security issues, such as encryption and managing passwords. Protecting sensitive and corporate data that is open […]

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Mobile Malware is on the up!

By Allie Philpin It’s 10 years since we experienced Cabir; a worm that infected Symbian-based devices and spread via Bluetooth as a .sis package.  Since then, mobile devices and security seem to have run wild as incidents of mobile malware are significantly on the increase.  And it seems, says a survey about enterprise security carried […]

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Are You Under-Reporting Your Data Breaches?

By Allie Philpin According to a recent study of malware analysts by Opinion Matters and ThreatTrack Security, as many as 57% of security analysts are failing to disclose the data and security breaches their company is investigating, and it’s the ‘big boys’, those with over 500 employees, that are the worst culprits with a massive […]

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Big Data Drives Lateral Thinking Over Security

By Allie Philpin I’m sure we’ve all read about (and some even experienced!) the rise in security breaches over the past few years, much of which is down to the increase in technological advancements, such as social media, cloud computing and online content management.  For IT departments and CSOs, this is becoming a big headache […]

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