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Asavie Announce EMM Solution with Better Mobile Security and Unparalleled Usage Visibility

Providers of next-generation enterprise mobility management (EMM) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, Asavie, has announced the release of the updated Asavie Moda solution, enabling better productivity, improved security and effective mobile asset cost management.  The latest release enhances mobile security for tablets and smartphones including real-time visibility into mobile workforces productivity, allowing organisations […]

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Fortinet Launch New Mobile Security Service Protecting Mobile Devices

Global leader in cyber security solutions, Fortinet, has announced the launch of a new mobile security subscription service designed to protect mobile devices from cyber threats.  FortiGuard Mobile Security helps enterprises in managing any unwelcome threats to mobile devices, particularly within BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments, including mobile application control and mobile malware protection […]

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Mobile Security: Do the Basics!

By Allie Philpin As mobile device users, be it for work or personal use, you can’t turn the corner without hearing about the latest threat to the security of our data!  Companies are falling over themselves to provide us with the latest technological innovation that will secure your mobile device better than anything else on […]

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Improve Your Mobile Security with these Top Rated Apps

By Tobias Manolo With the increase in the use of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. – and the rise of in BYOD, be it Android or iOS, there are some top rated apps that can help you address security issues, such as encryption and managing passwords. Protecting sensitive and corporate data that is open […]

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Mobiles and BYOD Highlights Unrecognised Security Issues

By Allie Philpin Every day, more and more employees are using their own mobile devices, including their own applications, as part of their carrying out their role in business.  But according to Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, this trend that is growing at a significant rate highlights security issues that many businesses […]

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Mobile Malware is on the up!

By Allie Philpin It’s 10 years since we experienced Cabir; a worm that infected Symbian-based devices and spread via Bluetooth as a .sis package.  Since then, mobile devices and security seem to have run wild as incidents of mobile malware are significantly on the increase.  And it seems, says a survey about enterprise security carried […]

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