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ZONE SE7EN’s Privileged Access Management Roundtable Now Live!

ZONE SE7EN today launch the post event content to our live Privileged Access Management (PAM) Insight Zone Roundtable sponsored by our Platinum sponsor, Dell Security and our Gold sponsor Thycotic, together with speakers from the Cyber Management Alliance, RBS, King and Quocirca. All experts in their field, the exciting Roundtable delivered an informative, lively debate on […]

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Panama Papers – What Happened to Privileged Access Management?

If you haven’t heard or read about the Panama Papers data leak over the last few days, you’ve either been on a remote island in the South Pacific or you’ve had your head in the clouds.  The data breach of law firm, Mossack Fonseca, where a multitude of documents were leaked to a reporter in […]

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Cloud Computing; Great, But What About Security?

As we become more accustomed to huge amounts of data that we have to deal with, and the world in which we live in is ever-more digital, organisations worldwide face the challenges of storing and analysing – the cost of storage, albeit cheaper than in recent years; processing the data; analysing and extracting the relevant […]

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Hackers… Some Believe they do a Worthwhile Job, Says Survey

By Tobias Manolo Hector Xavier Monsegur, the hacker responsible for the 2011 cyber attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Public Broadcasting Service and Fox Broadcasting Company, has been spared a lengthy jail sentence, thanks to his help in preventing over 300 further cyber attacks since. Spotify, the popular Swedish music streaming service, has admitted it […]

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As Popularity of SMS-Based 2FA Rises, so do the Costs!

By Tobias Manolo If you’re not aware, SMS-based 2FA (two-factor authentication) is used by Facebook, Google and Twitter as a way of securing their data and services.  In fact, this method of authentication is fast becoming ‘the’ method to use when maintaining high value, sensitive and private transactions.  Internet businesses, enterprises and app developers now […]

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OSTP – Could this Lead to the Elimination of Passwords?

By Tobias Manolo Last week, the Fast IDentity Online (Fido) Alliance (an open industry consortium that delivers standards for stronger, simpler authentication) released draft technical specifications for a new authentication protocol  – the Online Security Transaction Protocol (OSTP) – that could potentially lead to the elimination of password use.  The protocol has been developed with […]

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