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Storage… Budgets Down, Capacity Up, and Many Still Cautious About Cloud

By Allie Philpin Interviews recently carried out by 451 Research’s ThelnfoPro service with IT and storage professionals within medium and large companies revealed that whilst budgets for storage were down, there is still the need to cope with the ever-increasing capacity issue and whilst flash storage is used by many, all-flash arrays are not.  What […]

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Cloud is the Next Big thing… But don’t get too Confident!

By Allie Philpin A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released this week claims that “the cloud revolution could be as big as that created by the impact of data processing on business”, and goes on to claim that the technology is changing business practices.  The Impact of Cloud report says that cloud computing […]

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Ask Before You ‘Get into Bed’ with a Cloud Storage Provider

By Allie Philpin Advances in cloud computing technology has made the possibility of storing large amounts of data in the cloud much more accessible than in the past.  Public cloud storage providers offer plenty to large, medium and small organisations but before you ‘get into bed’ with a provider, there are a number of questions […]

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The Ups and Downs of Deploying a Hybrid Cloud

By Allie Philpin The hybrid cloud – a combination of public and private clouds – and the preferred option of many businesses of late as the phenomenon of cloud computing is becoming a part of everyday business (and personal) life.  Both public and private clouds have their benefits; public is usually the option for non-critical […]

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Looks Like it’s All Good News for Cloud Computing…

By Allie Philpin In both the business and consumer worlds, we seem to have accepted ‘cloud computing’, and we certainly seem less fearful of this technology as we come to understand not only how it functions, but also how it can help many in a variety of ways.  And judging by a survey recently conducted […]

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Saving Money is not the Top Reason for Implementing Cloud Technology!

By Allie Philpin Cloud computing was probably the biggest trend-setter and growth area in 2013, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to lessen in 2014!  Adopting cloud technologies is all about improving and streamlining business processes, but what is the main driver for IT leaders and business owners for implementing a public cloud solution?  […]

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