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Is Cloud Computing the Gateway to the Digital Enterprise?

By Allie Philpin The digital age is upon us; organisations are adapting to the demands that a digital environment requires, providing access to their latest products and services online and via digital channels.  Many of these digitally-inspired organisations have also adopted the cloud, with some believing that their progression into the digital business world would […]

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The Ups and Downs of Deploying a Hybrid Cloud

By Allie Philpin The hybrid cloud – a combination of public and private clouds – and the preferred option of many businesses of late as the phenomenon of cloud computing is becoming a part of everyday business (and personal) life.  Both public and private clouds have their benefits; public is usually the option for non-critical […]

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Microsoft’s Survey Reveals Adoption of Hybrid Cloud Services

By Allie Philpin Microsoft, together with 451 Research, has revealed the results of their survey into adoption of cloud services.  Results from answers by over 2,000 respondents, one of the biggest surveys in recent years, has shown that 49% of those surveyed have deployed a hybrid cloud solution.  The news will add weight to Redmond’s […]

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No Black and White in the Cloud

By David Jones, Cloud Solution Marketing Manager, Hyland Software Successful ECM (enterprise content management) will always be a balance between security and accessibility, according to David Jones of Hyland Software. But to get the ideal balance between the two, perhaps the cloud is the best option? The analyst firm, IDC, calls it the Third Platform […]

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IDC Study Predicts More Servers will Move to the Cloud

By Allie Philpin Last week, IDC predicted that moving servers to cloud service providers and SaaS (software-as-a-service) is very much on the increase as we see a rise in the cloud computing, and it demonstrates the way servers are used in today’s business environments.  IDC believes that as many as 30% of servers in 2014 […]

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Moving to the Cloud – 8 Areas to make it Systems Management-Friendly

By Tobias Manolo Ok, so you’ve moved to the cloud, but you aren’t reaping the benefits you expected.  Well, your existing LAN-based client/server architecture could the problem.  Today, these system management solutions that were implemented 10 or more years ago aren’t able to work effectively with the cloud solutions, a more mobile workforce, BYOD, SaaS […]

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