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WP Engine Brings Two-Factor Authentication to their User Portal

WP Engine, the solution that powers digital experiences for applications and websites built on WordPress, has announced that they are introducing two-factor authentication for their User Portal, delivering an additional level of security for managed hosting customers. With WordPress powering almost 23% of the web, adding two-factor authentication has increased the security features on their platform […]

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Joomla and WordPress – CMS Platforms for the Non-Techie

By Allie Philpin In today’s incredibly competitive business world, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, keeping the content on your website up-to-date, fresh and well-designed.  For small- and medium-sized businesses, budgets don’t stretch to outsource this work so, more and more companies are taking on the task themselves using user-friendly CMS (Content […]

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Three Top Tools for Content Managers

In today’s busy and ever-expanding social media world, there are an abundance of tools at the fingertips of content managers ensuring that they are able to oversee their campaigns effectively and maintain brand awareness.  But what are the top three tools that can benefit content managers the most, and help them target and reach potential […]

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