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The FTC Approves Knowledge-Based Authentication Method

  • By Allie Philpin 
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that they are approving Imperium’s knowledge-based authentication method as a COPPA-compliant way of getting verifiable parental consent (VPC).  Used by financial companies to authenticate users for a while now, this knowledge-based method – known as ChildGuardOnline™ – is web-based and combines a variety of methods in order to obtain parental consent enumerated in the COPPA Rule, including patent-pending technical processes and anti-fraud methods that have been designed to allow COPPA-covered entities to comply to their respective obligations, prior to collecting personal information from children that are under 13 years old.

The Imperium VPC Method is a 3-step process:

1.    The Validation Process – when a child under 13 years old starts a signing-up process to get a user name and password for a website, they will be requested to enter the name and email address of a parent/guardian; the parent/guardian receives an email asking for parental consent, including a URL to the website in question and a link to grant consent.
2.    The Verification Process – ChildGuardOnline™ verifies the information submitted by the parent/guardian in real time and, once verified, all relevant parties are notified that the child has been approved to use the website.
3.    The Parental Portal – once their identity has been validated, parents/guardians have access to a password-protected portal from which they can view and monitor the use of their child’s approved websites, including being able to review and/or withdraw previously granted consents.

Marshall Harrison, CEO and founder of Imperium, said: “ChildGuardOnline is a win-win solution for online businesses as well as parents.  It gives websites and mobile application providers and easy, more reliable and cost-effective solution for parental consent verification, and gives parents the ability to keep their children safe.  The FTC’s approval of our ChildGuardOnline knowledge-based authentication method combined with Imperium’s expertise in providing industry-accepted identity validation, certification and fraud-protection services clearly makes ChildGuardOnline the best choice available.”

By Allie Philpin

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