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The Global Enterprise MPS Landscape, from the Eyes of Quocirca

In May 2013, Quocirca released their analysis of the global enterprise MPS market, and it makes very interesting reading!  The Managed Print Services (MPS) market has grown significantly over the past few years, from providing a consolidation and optimisation service to benefiting long-term business improvement.  As organisations move forward to next generation MPS in order to increase productivity and reduce costs, the advent of digitised paper workflows and solutions that are industry-specific become the important differentiators, and have led to a plethora of business process optimisation services.  Below is an overview of Quocirca’s Report:

Industry-leaders, including Xerox, HP, Ricoh, Lexmark and Canon, offer a range of sophisticated, technological MPS solutions across office, production, mobile and off-site commercial environments.  HP has heightened their document workflow and expanded production print services, particularly with their ePrint offering – a mobile print platform.  Ricoh is making headway in MPS infrastructure and managed document services (MDS), whilst Lexmark and Canon also strengthen their technology portfolios.

Key performers include Kyocera and Konica Minolta, who have expanded the MPS customer base across Europe by focusing on small- and medium-sized businesses.  They have also made useful acquisitions of managed IT service providers, and Kyocera are becoming popular with their MDS proposition.

Next generation MPS is starting to deliver the transformation businesses are seeking, and industry-providers have had to raise their game to service businesses today.  Just increasing productivity and reducing costs is not enough; enterprises are now looking for cost efficiencies, print optimisation, continued innovation and customised solutions.

With the added demands that mobility has brought, the need for mobile printing has increased exponentially.  Quocirca’s research reveals that 20% of enterprises have deployed mobile printing as part of the MPS, and a further 44% are planning to implement this functionality in the future.  And as use of the cloud gathers pace, MPS providers are now starting to offer integrated cloud-based mobile print platforms that deliver a high level of security, and controllability.

An often-overlooked element of security within an enterprise is printers, which can be a risk to sensitive and confidential information.  Quocirca’s research has shown that enterprises are planning to deploy, or have already deployed, a secure ‘pull printing’ solution that incorporates user authentication to ensure that documents are only released to authorised users, delivering cost savings and reducing wastage.

As Big Data becomes the big buzzword, next generation MPS has developed to support the challenges that Big Data brings including digital workflows, information management strategy, and improved business processes.

Quocirca recommends that buyers who are planning to implement a managed print service within their organisation, consider this:

•    The depth and breadth of assessment services.
•    Business and process knowledge.
•    Secure mobile and integrated strategies.
•    Flexibility.
•    Service level agreements and governance.

For more information and a further insight into managed print services (MPS), read Quocirca’s MPS Report today.

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