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‘The Trends they are a Changing’, so says Canon, but it is a Fine Line

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Every week there’s a new trend, or so it feels!  No sooner had we got used to the cloud, there comes flexible working; so, we adapt to this trend and then another steps into the marketplace – BYOD!  And so it goes on… But with so many changes going on, organisations are hesitant to know what is good to adopt, what isn’t; what is going to benefit the business and their employees, and what doesn’t.  Enter Canon; they’ve taken an old-fashioned, long-standing device, the document scanner, and given it a 21st century makeover!

In today’s business environment, nearly 13% of the workforce in the UK are home office-based (source: Office of National Statistics), yet they still need office-based technology to maximise efficiency.  In order to save time and deliver real time results, the mobile worker wants to process documents remotely, such as scanning paper-based contracts and sales orders, and that’s when scanning comes in to play.  If the worker can also share those documents in the cloud or integrate with their business’s processes and workflow, all the better!

But don’t today’s camera smartphones have the ability to scan?  In one word, yes, but their ability to scan multiple pages and documents quickly and with a good enough image quality to be able to reproduce that content at the other end hasn’t yet caught up.  For example, only one side can be scanned at a time, images can be distorted, adjustments may need to be made, etc…  Canon’s Office Insights 2013 report shows that nearly 50% of end users agree that a key success factor is high quality documents, and scanning apps on smartphones just can’t deliver that.  The report also identified that one in three end users couldn’t do their job effectively without traditional office devices, i.e. scanners, copiers and printers.

The demand for mobility certainly outstrips technology in replacing office equipment, hence the increased use of smartphones and tablets – 96% of respondents to Canon’s study claimed they couldn’t do their job without them! – but more and more equipment has built-in add-ons, such as Wi-Fi, mobile printing and scanning, thereby increasing their productivity.  Add in use of the cloud whereby mobile workers can access on-premise content management systems and documents that are stored in the cloud, and not only are their time and cost savings, mobile workers become far more efficient!  Dedicated mobile scanners are able to scan double-sided, incorporate dual-image sensors, automatic document feeders, LED light sources and page size recognition, ensuring that the resultant scans are accurate and of a high quality.

With the rise in the need for mobility and the explosion in content being generated, by using mobile scanners and the cloud together, any mobile worker can significantly increase efficiency, deliver real time productivity, make any necessary amendments there and then, ensure workflows remain consistent and flowing, and keep the customer happy!

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