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Three Top Tools for Content Managers

In today’s busy and ever-expanding social media world, there are an abundance of tools at the fingertips of content managers ensuring that they are able to oversee their campaigns effectively and maintain brand awareness.  But what are the top three tools that can benefit content managers the most, and help them target and reach potential clients more effectively?

When it comes to online analytics, there probably isn’t a more helpful tool than Google Analytics, particularly when it comes to website awareness.  There are a range of useful stats you can garner from Google Analytics, such as average user time on your website’s pages, the search terms used to guide them to your website, from which location and why people visit your website.  In order to keep up-to-date with the top interests of your audience, and align your business’s offerings accordingly to develop new business, a regular look at Google Analytics is a must.

A super-looking, impressive, eye-catching website is one thing but if it isn’t easy for content managers to maintain and update, then your website will start to fall behind your competitors.  Not only that, but in today’s Internet-led business world, any static website will just not going to make its mark.  Enter WordPress…  WordPress has a dual functionality – websites and blogs.  The tool allows content managers and business owners to create and manage user-friendly websites, quickly and efficiently, and also caters for the updating of text and inserting of images as and when required.  It is also easy to create and publish blogs, gain feedback, receive comments, and even run a poll!  Users of WordPress can keep their content fresh and up-to-date, as well as being able to schedule their blogs in advance by weeks or months.  And you don’t have to be technologically web- or design-savvy to use WordPress but if you do get lost, there are free online resources for you to tap into.

Struggling to juggle your social media sites and campaigns on one screen?  Can be difficult, can’t it… To make the task easier, there is HootSuite; the perfect platform for controlling multiple networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more – from just one screen.  Content managers are able to track campaign activity and keywords/hashtags, monitor responses and respond as and when needed, and pick up on trends and conversations without having to hop from one social media platform to another.  Not much of a surprise that HootSuite is probably the number one social media management tool currently in the marketplace.

In days gone by – and we mean days in the fast-moving social media and online world! – content management wasn’t anywhere near as complex and consuming as it is now.  Being successful with your content isn’t just about clever writing, funny comments/quotes or intuitive responses; content managers have to be aware of their brand’s activity and online presence, their visitors’ interests and their needs in order to stay ahead…  With the right tools, it is more than possible to achieve online and social business success.

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