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Top Tips when Implementing a Print Management Solution

So, you want to implement a print management solution that will help you streamline your business processes and workflows… but where do you start?  An effective print management solution can provide your business with many advantages, increase productivity and accountability, as well as improve your all-essential environmental standing!  But with so many software solutions in the marketplace today, how do you know which one is right for your business?  Here are out top tips…

1.    Go back to basics.  You can look at all the software solutions you like but until you know what you want the print management solution to achieve, and what day-to-day activities you want to the solution to manage, you are not going to be able to choose the right solution for your business.  Assess your current business processes and decide where you want to streamline and potential cost savings.  For example, are you wasting money on printing?  Implementing a solution like Pcounter from Altodigital can provide you with an audit trail or who printed what, when, where and quantity through a centralised control centre for print management, and allow you to develop a flexible print policy, thereby eliminating waste.

2.    Transfer paper to digital.  Drowning in paper?  Many businesses are creating so much paperwork in today’s business world that they don’t know how to manage it efficiently and effectively.  Storage and the resulting security issues can be a headache; and then there’s the wasted time spent in sorting, copying, filing, archiving, securing and searching for records and documents when they’re needed.  A document imaging solution, such as Perceptive Software’s Perceptive Capture software, can help to capture all your paper-based records and documents and transform them into electronic documents that are easily stored and retrieved.

3.    Keep it secure!  Where are your confidential documents?  If they’re lying around the office in open view, then they’re not secure and anyone has access to them!  Being a victim of fraud, or having your secret and confidential information exposed, can cost your business literally thousands of pounds!  A print management solution that incorporates print security, e.g. Personal Printing Essentials from ThinPrint®, that can be easily integrated in your current IT architecture and business processes will help eliminate the potential of you and your business becoming a victim.

Many business owners are probably not aware of just how much their business processes are costing them in wastage, using too many resources, creating potential security threats, and using up financial resources that could be put to better use.  An effective print management solution that addresses and streamlines your business processes, enabling your business to be more productive, would certainly bring its advantages, but only if you adopt the right solution.

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