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Werner Vogels Shares His Thoughts on Cloud Computing in 2014

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

Werner Vogels, CTO of, shared his thoughts with The Guardian on cloud computing, and his predictions for 2014; and it certainly makes interesting reading!  More and more organisations worldwide are taking to the cloud, following in the footsteps of Amazon, and realising the benefits; but there are also a lot of companies that are still hesitant about this ground-breaking technology.  We take a look at the thoughts of’s CTO…

Over the past year, the cloud has been a driver for innovation; from start-ups, such as Dropbox, Pinterest and Instagram, to large organisations including Samsung, Unilever and even governments.  We even hear of colleges and universities taking advantage of cloud computing technologies to monitor attendance and lead them away from paper!  But Vogels believes that cloud technology is still in its early stages, and highlights 4 trends that are ready to grow bi in 2014.

Trend 1: Where you go, your content goes
Cloud has driven the rise in the use of mobile devices, to the point where mobile devices are now the access point to the content and services demanded by the user.  First it was the smartphone, then the tablet, and now it’s smart TV’s – just look at what Samsung are developing in non-mobile devices that connect to software held in the cloud?  Step outside the office or the home and you can access content and services in the car, i.e. Amazon Cloudplayer.  It is no longer necessary to take your content with you; the cloud allows your content to follow you wherever you go.

Trend 2: Improve the offline world with cloud-base analytics
Users of the cloud collaborate on data and information that circulates in real time via a range of devices, i.e. the Mars rover or the Ilumina DNA sequences that is stored in the cloud.  Vogels predicts that data generation will expand in 2014 because of real-world devices, accessing data that is stored, shared and analysed within the cloud.  For example, currently run a project with GE to instrument their gas turbines.  But Vogels believes that we will see an increase in cloud-connected sensors and devices, i.e. home controlled applications that have been developed by energy companies, or public transport companies that create platforms to receive real-time data via sensors on vehicles.

Trend 3: Everyone can ‘dip their toe’ in media with the cloud
Vogels predicts that in 2014, more and more companies will offer media capabilities in addition to their other services or products, looking for new avenues to engage their customers/consumers for longer by creating engaging, relevant content daily.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) powered LiverpoolTV is a good example of using the cloud to broadcast and distribute worldwide, with little capital investment, and no more football clubs are following their example.

Trend 4: Data processing is moved to real-time with the cloud
With the rise in the amount of data, it has become necessary to move that data quicker and quicker, but with big data being more closely linked with cloud computing, there are no longer the limits on storage; add real-time data processing and there will be a significant rise in data analytics that produce real-time results, enabling organisations to change and adapt rapidly.

If we look around us more carefully, we see the power of cloud computing in every walk of life.  The more organisations are able to harness and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, to improve the speed in which they can process their data and produce real-time analytics, the better and faster that organisation can grow and develop.

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