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What is Business Process Management All About?

  • By Allie Philpin 
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ZONE SE7EN launch their next virtual event in their Insight Zone 2014 series, focusing on Business Process Management (BPM). ZONE SE7EN brought together experts and key industry thought-leaders, and asked them the questions you wanted to ask, delivering informative, intuitive answers to help with those all-important BPM decisions.

Insight Zone’s virtual Executive Interviews and Roundtable asks those tough questions: the impact of enterprise content on streamlining business processes; in what capacity should businesses consider their mobile workforce with implement BPM processes; the benefits streamlined processes can bring to an organisation and promote sustainable process improvements; the risks of on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based BPM technologies for businesses; the impact Big Data has on intelligent business processes; and how moving structured processes into unstructured processes encourages collaboration and can lead to case management.

John Newton at Alfresco tells us why a business should incorporate mobility into a BPM strategy: “If you don’t take into account mobility and mobile devices, and mobile workers, into any of your strategic plans you are making a grave mistake.”

David Jones at Hyland, creator of Onbase, explains the difference between case management and BPM: “Case management makes use of BPM processes but does it in a manner and with an interface that is much, much easier to be able to use.”

Doug Coombs from IBM underlines the capabilities necessary to enable a process-rich business and drive process excellence: “Marry the Smarter Process Platform with the know-how and capability encourages collaboration across your business, entices business ownership and encourages buy-in.”

All of the BPM Executive Interview videos and the informative, virtual Roundtable discussion are available to view online from today. Register FREE via ZONE SE7EN’s Insight Zone here to receive exclusive access, or by using the form below:


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