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Where’s the Technology Revolution in the UK?

  • By Allie Philpin 
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By Allie Philpin

Go back to the 18th/19th centuries (ok, before most of us were born!) and Britain was a leading industrialist, leading the world in new innovations, including technology!  Today, quite simply, we’re not.  Cloud computing, BYOD, mobility… all revolutionary technological advancements, but it’s not Britain’s businesses that are leading the way, it’s enterprises in the Far East, in the Nordics and Eastern Europe, leaving this once great country to tail behind…

A key technology that Britain needs to invest in is cloud computing; and it’s our internet capabilities that are holding us back.  In the UK, there are some excellent cloud computing organisations and a multitude of small businesses that are ready-to-go and compete with the ‘big boys’ using this technology, but they can’t because internet access in this country is just not high speed enough, and that includes the major cities!

Now that there is the technology to scale memory, capture, store and process data with just one touch, all in the cloud and cost effectively, SMEs at last have a more-than-realistic chance of going for those bigger contracts and gain a competitive advantage – surely that’s good for the economy?  Cloud computing is now a recognised technological advancement that businesses aren’t afraid of; and allows businesses of all sizes to expand and grow, in the same way the Industrial Revolution did for all those manufacturers’ mass production.

But the road to success can only be achieved when businesses can meet demands, when they can serve their customers quicker, and empower their staff to deliver.  They need to be able to streamline their business processes in order to compete, but the infrastructure is just not there to allow UK companies to do this.  And it’s not just outside the big towns, the major cities are also struggling to provide the much-needed high speed internet access to be able to connect and utilise cloud computing solutions.

This is where the Government needs to step in and make something happen.  It’s no use them telling us that business is improving, that there’s so many advantages out there for SMEs to seize upon, that the economy is growing, albeit slowly… without some pretty significant investment from the Government in the Technology Revolution of cloud computing, the UK will just fall further and further behind.

And if the Government want to understand how the Industrial Revolution has fuelled Britain’s economy, and driven forward innovation into the Technology Revolution of today, then they need to view this inspirational explanation on the rise of computers and cloud computing.

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