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Whitewood Encryption Systems Gets Patent for Secure Multi-Party Communication

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Creators of next generation systems of data encryption, Whitewood Encryption Services, Inc., has announced that they have been awarded a US patent for secure multi-party communication compatible with key distribution protocols including QKD (Quantum Key Distribution).

The patent covers technology designed to provde a cost-effective yet scalable solution, delivering QKD advantages, such as low latency and forward security, to key management for multiple-user networks.  The technology was developed by scientists Jane Nordholt, Richard Hughes and Glen Peterson at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and Whitewood have been given licence to the technology, exclusively, from LANL.

Richard Hughes said: “Our invention reduces the cost and increases the praticality of network QKD immensely, relative to previous approaches.  With this technology, enterprises have an opportunity to advance to quantum key management, or QKM, for networks, supporting a broad range of security functions, encryption, authenticaiton and signatures.”

Whitewood’s new QKM approach provides quantum key distribution advantages, including to those who do not have a direct quantum link, and can be applied as an overlay to current optical networks, thereby negating the need for dedicated optical communications infrastructures.

Jane Nordholt added: “The ideas embodied in this patent are game-changing.  They move QKD from a novel point-to-point technique to a modern networked QKM solution.”

John Serafini, VP at Allied Minds, parent company of Whitewood, commented: “This patent will work in tandem with other IP at Whitewood to generate a secure, trusted communications protocol that helps to reduce the vulnerabilities present in current encryption services, and make quantum communications a standard in secure multi-party information exchange.”

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