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WP Engine Brings Two-Factor Authentication to their User Portal

  • By Allie Philpin 
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WP Engine, the solution that powers digital experiences for applications and websites built on WordPress, has announced that they are introducing two-factor authentication for their User Portal, delivering an additional level of security for managed hosting customers.

With WordPress powering almost 23% of the web, adding two-factor authentication has increased the security features on their platform and services, helping to prevent unauthorised third parties from having access to customers’ sites and ensuring that user’s passwords are not compromised, keeping accounts secure.

Eric Murphy, Director of Security at WP Engine, said: “Because our customers’ businesses live on the web, security has always been a major focus for WP Engine.  Today, we are taking additional steps to ensure customer sites and customer data is secure, without impacting premium service and functionality.”

With the app, users will need to enter their password when logging in and a second factor, a generated displayed code that changes every 30 seconds, in order to access the User Portal.  WP Engine have used the Google Authenticator app for two-factor authentication on hosted sites.

Murphy added: “We are thrilled to roll out this new feature for our customers because two-factor authentication gives peace of mind to website administrators, allowing privileged users to gain access while keeping unauthorised intruders out.  We want to worry about security so our customers don’t have to.”

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