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Your Digital File Launch the “Most Secure Online Storage Solution”

  • By Allie Philpin 
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Claimed to be the most secure online storage and document trading solution, Your Digital File’s Cryptoloc™ has been launched!  Following three years of development with leading online security experts and an international patent application pending, the new technology is said to provide a level of security for the online storage of confidential documents that is unmatched by any other, and more advanced that a range of cloud security options.

Jamie Wilson, founder of Your Digital File, said: “The feedback from our testing phase and from talking to corporate markets has been overwhelming.  Your Digital File provides a new, unmatched storage option for Bitcoins and assists the likes of telcos in dealing with the changes to privacy laws announced earlier this month.”

Your Digital File’s unique Cryptoloc™ technology uses an encryption algorithm that provides an additional layer of security, thereby improving the way files are protected online and enabling the secure storage, editing, sharing and legally signing of confidential documents online, such as insurance policies, tax returns, contracts, trust deeds, etc.

Jamie Wilson added: “Our Cryptoloc™ technology uses strong and proven public key cryptography algorithms to protect the confidentiality and authenticity of documents.  Your Digital File addresses a void in the online world – the ability to store documents behind a never-before-seen wall of security.  With some providers, you need only a password to recover documents.  Your Digital File provides security well beyond that.”

By Allie Philpin

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